Fondant Potatoes

Potatoes always make for fun and tasty side dishes. I personally love the look and taste of fondant potatoes. They are super buttery, soft, flavorful, aromatic, and quite photogenic!

What exactly is a fondant potato? They are pretty much regular Russet potatoes that have been cut into aesthetic cylindrical shapes, with the ends fried to a crisp, and then buttered and roasted in stock to make a soft and tender side dish you won’t forget. You fonDON’T want to miss out!

Ingredients (about 5 servings)
-5 Russet potatoes, peeled
-3 Tbsp butter
-2-3 sprigs fresh thyme
-2-3 sprigs fresh rosemary
-3/4th cup of chicken broth -OR- vegetable broth (Vegetarian option)
-Kosher salt, to taste
-Black pepper, to taste
-Neutral oil for frying

Useful Tools
-Pan that is oven-friendly (eg. cast-iron)
-Paper towel to clean up oil
-Tongs or chopsticks so you can avoid going to the hospital from burning your hands when wiping off hot oil (See Step 7)

1) To prepare your peeled potatoes, cut the two ends so they have a flat surface. Then cut the potatoes in half. Shape the ends to look like on octagon (like a stop sign)
2) Soak your cut and peeled potatoes in room temp water for at least 10 minutes to remove extra starch and keep from browning.
3) Pre-heat your oven to 425°F

Potatoes having a little summer pool party in water

3) Heat up oil in your oven-safe pan on high heat
4) When oil is hot, place your potato-halves in the pan, with the flat side facing the bottom.
5) As the first side is browning, add salt and pepper to the top side of the potato
6) After about 5-6 minutes of cooking, flip your potato to the other flat side. Season the cooked side with salt and pepper. Cook for an additional 5-6 minutes, or until bottom is brown
7) Quickly grab a paper towel and wipe the hot excess oil dry from the pan. Use tongs or chopsticks to avoid burning your hand
8) Reduce to medium heat. Add butter, thyme, and rosemary to the pot. Brush the top of the potatoes with your buttery-infused aromatic herbs
9) When butter begins to brown, pour in your chicken or vegetable stock and transfer the entire pan into the pre-heated oven
10) Allow the potatoes to roast for approx 30-40 minutes, or until potatoes are soft and tender.
11) Take the potatoes out the oven and allow to cool. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve.

-Vegetable broth can easily replace chicken broth to make this a vegetarian-friendly option
-Brushing the top of your potatoes while it’s cooking in butter will help distribute the butter evenly and ensures your entire potato smells of herby, aromatic goodness

-Original Recipe: Chef John’s Fondant Potatoes

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