For America: Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Port Sauce

Sup guys,

Happy birthday America! For this Fourth of July, I decided to go for a little fancier cut of beef and fused it with America’s favorite meat of all time; the fatty amazingness of bacon. To top off the delectable fusion of savory protein, I also made a port wine sauce to top off the taste buds with a hint of sweetness that goes well with the rich, savory tenderloin and the salty crunchiness of the bacon.


INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-6 people)

For Tenderloin
-3 to 4 lb beef tenderloin
-1 lb bacon
-2-3 tsp salt (kosher) or 1-1.5 tsp iodized salt
-2 Tb black pepper
-2 Tb olive oil
-2 fresh rosemary sprigs

For Port Sauce
-3 Tb butter
-1 cup ruby port wine (I used Sandeman Ruby Port)
-1 cup red wine (I used Pinot Noir)
-2 cups beef broth
-1/4 cup onion
-1 fresh rosemary sprig
-1 tsp black pepper

Useful tools:
-Meat thermometer


For Beef Tenderloin
1) Spread salt all over beef tenderloin and put in the fridge 24 hours ahead of time. This allows the beef to retain its flavors and juice inside the meat and allows for an overall better texture. This process is known as a dry brine
2) Take tenderloin out of fridge and allow to rest at room temperature for approx 45 minutes
DSC_0382Before tying the roast

3) Rub olive oil and black pepper on all sides of the tenderloin
4) Wrap bacon around entire surface of tenderloin
5) Tie your tenderloin with twine. This helps the meat retain its shape while it is expanding during the cooking process.
6) Add rosemary sprigs on the side of the roasting pan
7) Pre-set oven to 425 degrees F. Place your roast in a roasting pan and place in oven. Allow the roast to cook until ten degrees below desired cooking level. (I like my meat medium; so I waited until the internal temperature was 120 degrees before taking it out of the oven). Cooking time approx 60 minutes.
8) When roast is 10 degrees below desired cooking level, take roast out of the oven and wrap meat in foil. Allow the roast to stand for 15 minutes (during this process, the internal temperature should rise 10-15 degrees F, making your tenderloin at the desired cooking level; mine was around 135 degrees for a Medium finish).
9) Cut and serve with port sauce and desired side dishes


God Bless America

For Port Sauce

1) Added butter and onions to a sauce pan and allowed onions to soften on high heat
2) Added red wine and black pepper and allowed the liquid to boil and reduce to about 1/4 its volume
3) Added port wine, rosemary, and beef broth to the mixture. Brought mixture down to a simmer and allowed the sauce to reduce until about 1/2 the volume.
4) Served with tenderloin

Approx Time: 24 hours dry brine prep
1.5 hours to cook
Difficulty: 6.5/10

-My research showed that using kosher salt for mostly any roast is more desired than iodized or regular table salt due to its coarser shape and actual salt content in each grain. Apparently iodized salt is higher in actual salt content within each grain, so more salt content is actually being introduced into the meat for the same amount of iodized salt when compared to kosher salt. Kosher salt’s coarser crystalline structure also allows for better interaction with most meats, and is the desired salt for most meat recipes. I recommend using kosher salt for a more even distribution during the brining process.




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