Frankbios Fiesta!: Prime Rib & Chicken Soft Tacos

Sup guys,

After my family and I had my first ever prime rib, there was still a good pound or so leftover, so I decided it was a perfect time to capitalize off of the leftover meat by turning the next meal into a mega taco fiesta! (I was sorta craving a California Burrito at the time too…)

There weren’t enough leftovers though, so to make a complete and more diverse meal, I got some chicken breast (easiest type of meat to prepare, even for a noob like me!) and some other ingredients to prepare for a Rubio’s style build-your-own-taco dinner.


Flour Tortilla (store-bought)
Sour Cream (store-bought)
Garlic Prime Rib (leftover; see previous post)
Chicken Breast
Ground Pepper
Roma Tomatoes
Hass Avocadoes
Lime Juice
Refried Beans (store-bought)

Mexican-Seasoned Chicken Breast
I diced up the chicken breast into cubes, and then added about 1 tsp of salt, ground pepper, and cumin per chicken breast
2) I then placed all the chicken into a pan and stir-fried until browned

Classic Salsa (good for approx. 10-15 tacos)
1) Diced up 6 roma tomatoes, cilantro, and  1 onion together into one bowl
2) Squeezed in about 1 Tbsp of lime juice
3) Mixed well

Holy Guacamole!
1) Cut up and separated out the avocado from the seed
2) Mashed up the avocado until it turned into guacamole
3) Added in lime juice (this prevents the guacamole from oxidizing with the air, keeping it nice and green instead of turning nasty brown)


From there, I just heated up each tortilla on a pan before serving, and allowed everyone to construct their own tacos! Other toppings included sour cream and refried beans.


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